• 熱可塑性樹脂フィルム(パウチおよびバッグ)、チューブ、容器、およびカップ
  • チューブ、容器、およびカップ
  • 熱可塑性樹脂でコーティングされた段ボール素材
  • フィルム/フィルター材質のバルブおよびベント
  • コーティングされた段ボール素材/フィルムのねじぶた

  • Joint design – focusing by means of contouring of the anvil structure
    Joint design – focusing by means of contouring of the anvil structure
  • Generation of heat during ultrasonic sealing
    Generation of heat at the inside of the seal during ultrasonic sealing


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  • Longitudinal seal – Pillow bags – VFFS
    Longitudinal sealing ensures protection of the product through reduced drop heights and saves packaging material due to minimum film overlap
  • Pillow bag with Euro hole punch
    Longitudinal sealing and cutting of Euro hole punches by means of ultrasonics
  • Cross sealing for pillow bags VFFS
    Hermetic seals, even with contamination in the sealing area. It is possible to produce completely air-free pouches with liquids
  • Top seal for stand-up pouch HFS/HFFS
    The ultrasonic sealing technology guarantees absolutely tight seals both for hot-fill and for aseptic or retort pouches
  • Top seal for sachet or pouch HFFS
    The vibration of the ultrasonic tools allows for obtaining reliable seal quality despite a dusty filling environment
  • Longitudinal and cross sealing with Flow Wrapper HFFS
    Reduction of rejects counts and product protection thanks to application of cold sealing tools. No problematic cold sealing adhesives required